Montag, 27. September 2010

Granny loves getting fucked in the ass

When this video opens, Anneke's husband is leaving for work. "Love you," she calls after him. But she apparently loves getting fucked in the ass by her boyfriend more because as soon as hubby's out the door, she's on the phone with her fuck buddy.
"The sonofabitch finally left," she says. "Hurry up, honey. Hurry!"
Anneke hangs up the phone, and says, "I am so fucking horny." And away she goes.
Anneke, whose parents are Swedish, was born in upstate New York and now lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She's a highly sexual woman who says, "I got into anal when I was in my early 30s. I realized I could cum just as hard from anal sex as from vaginal sex. A lot of men are surprised that a woman my age is into anal sex, but why not? I'll never get tired of being fucked in my ass."
Good for her. And definitely good for her fuck buddy.

Freitag, 10. September 2010

Valerie Gets What She Came For And Cums For What She Gets

Valerie , who was 69 when these photos and the accompanying video was shot, is lying in bed, dressed in sexy, white lingerie, waiting, waiting...
"I just can't wait for that big, beautiful black stud to show up," she says. "I so enjoy chocolate. It's my favorite thing in the world, especially sucking, a big, black, chocolate cock. I just love the way a black dick looks sliding into this white pussy of mine. It makes me cum so hard. I could cum right now just thinking about it."
Valerie enjoys every second and every inch of this sucking and fucking. "Oh, look at the size of this gorgeous, black cock," she says. Then when Lucas is hammering her in the missionary position, she moans, "Oh, it's so huge. It's so huge and so big!" She takes every inch in her GILF cunt and begs for more.
Now is that any way for a school teacher to talk? Yeah, it is. Valerie is a retired school teacher. A wife, too. Her husband doesn't mind her coming here to fuck, but we'll get to that next time. For now, watch Valerie (who got a cream pie in her last visit) get what she wants most in life: black cock.

Sandra Ann turned 76 a few weeks ago

Sandra Ann turned 76 a few weeks ago. We don't know about you, but we don't know many 70somethings who have 1.) Fucked on camera while they were in their 70s; and 2.) Had a threesome (on-camera or otherwise) with two hung studs. The studs are Lucas, the first guy to fuck Sandra Ann for, and John. You might have noticed the new tattoo on Sandra Ann 's left breast: It says GANGBANG QUEEN, and we would have loved to see the look on the tattoo artist's face when Sandra Ann walked into the store and asked for it.
"I asked him if he wanted me to prove it," Sandra Ann said, "but he didn't have any of his friends around, so I just gave him a blow job as a tip."
In these photos, Sandra Ann shows off how much she loves sucking cock and balls. She takes Lucas's huge cock in her pussy while deep-throating John. Then the guys switch positions, and Sandra Ann keeps taking all they've got to give her until they both cum on her face.
"My only fetish is sucking cock, so this was wonderful," Sandra Ann said.
And how about that tattoo? "I'm definitely going to show these photos to my tattoo friend," she said. "Maybe then he'll get some of his friends together for me."
Sandra Ann . Truth in advertising.