Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

Joanna Gets Fucked In The Ass, The Video

And now for the main event: Joanna Storm's first hardcore video in over 20 years...and it's her first anal, too! Joanna, wearing a sexy blue and black bra and a little skirt with stockings and a garter belt, starts out by doing a little striptease to get us hard. The stunt cock shows up and Joanna shows off her deep-throat sucking skills (with some ball-sucking thrown in, too) before the lucky dude goes to work on her tight, shaved pussy. He seems to appreciate the fact that he's fucking a porn legend. And then, just when she's all juiced up, Joanna locks her legs behind her head and opens up her ass. Joanna takes a deep breath, the cock slides right in, and before she knows it, she's getting pounded in her butthole.
'Am I doing it? Am I doing it?' she says. 'Does it feel tight around your cock?' 'Is my ass wet? You just keep fucking me in my ass, please!'

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